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Cornelius, Again

Pragmatism's good, but idealism's more satisfying

This journal is mostly friends-only.

The name is from Jerry Cornelius, the Michael Moorcock character. I have a very syllable-poor name (in fact as few syllables as you can have in the main two names) and it annoys me sometimes.

I'm an atheist. I'm extremely liberal (morally and politically, and not in the way that ends up being conservative somehow). I have less and less tolerance for people being nasty to other people, but I'm not perfect.

Work-wise, I do computer stuff. Programming. Though I've also worked on usability/design.

Outside work I'm trying to draw and paint a lot these days, so going to a life drawing class. That's also led to an interest in anime & manga and all kinds of other stuff.

I like browsing antique shops (not the posh kind).
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